Ten major corporations have paid out more than $3 billion in wage theft judgments and settlements since 2000, according to a Washington-based organization known as Good Jobs First. More than 450 companies across the country have paid at least $1 million for wage theft, the organization reported. These companies were accused of unfairly treating employees in several ways, including failing to properly pay overtime compensation and forcing them to work off the clock without compensation.

Severe Penalties

Good Jobs First examined nearly 1,300 lawsuits regarding wage theft that were resolved since 2000. According to the report, more than 450 corporations have paid nearly $9 billion in penalties over that time. Walmart tops the list, paying more than $1.4 billion. That amount is nearly three times that of the No. 2 company on the list, FedEx, which has paid a little more than $500 million.

Here are the 10 companies that have paid the most, according to Good Jobs First:

  1. Walmart – $1,408,901,183
  2. FedEx – $502,165,827
  3. Bank of America – $381,499,089
  4. Wells Fargo – $205,403,723
  5. JPMorgan Chase – $160,459,643
  6. State Farm Insurance – $140,000,000
  7. AT&T – $139,390,011
  8. United Parcel Service – $138,077,624
  9. ABM Industries – $128,599,312
  10. Tenet Healthcare – $127,216,654

Companies in the retail sector, according to the organization, have paid the most of any industry – approximately $2.7 billion in penalties involving 608 lawsuits. The financial services sector was the second, with companies paying about $1.4 billion. Freight and logistics ($828 million) was third, business services ($611 million) fourth and insurance ($577 million) fifth.

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